Optimization within code.

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I was wondering if there is a way to run optimization such as with the strategy tester, but instead within the code itself for the purposes of speed. Perhaps a script? 

Not creating a faster code, but specifically running optimization to produce the most profitable results for an EA within the code. 

If you want to optimize something that requires billions of passes is there a faster way to get the best results from within the code itself rather then using the strategy tester?

I know MT5 can use multiple cores and produce faster results then MT4 single threaded strategy tester, but if you are using bruteforce method, this would still take years to optimize something that required billions of passes - even with a quadcore. And MT5 automatically defaults to genetic algo after you go past wanting to optimize something that requires more then 100,000,000 passes. So no bruteforce. 

Someone a while ago told me that you can run optimization within the code and its much faster. 

Any ideas?



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