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Discussion of article "Interview with Alexandr Artapov (ATC 2012)"

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New article Interview with Alexandr Artapov (ATC 2012) is published:

It was during the second week of the Championship when the Expert Advisor of Alexandr Artapov (artall) found itself on the third position trading EURUSD and EURJPY. Then it briefly left TOP-10 to appear again after one month of struggle for survival. As it turned out, this trading robot is still having something up its sleeve.

You have finished the second week of the Championship on the third position and the balance has not increased much during the last 7 months. Was it a market change or some miscount in the trading strategy?

No, the Expert Advisor is working as a charm (except USDCAD). ;) The market has become less volatile with frequent changes of direction. On the average, direction changes each 7.5 hours (after every 15 bars on M30). I think my Expert Advisor would be much more secure if it added to existing positions but it is constantly reversing at the moment.

Well, market is market, of course. There were plenty of various news recently - USA presidential election, as well as Greece and Spain vs Germany...

I don't believe in straight growing balance curves. They seem to be rather artificial for me, they contradict the market logic. And what if they won't be able to wait out the losses? What will happen then?

The Expert Advisor enters the market step by step while exiting in a one deal. Are the stop levels activated or does the strategy itself imply such an action? And why is market entry performed step by step - receiving signals from various systems?

According to the strategy the free margin is blocked within a minute for new possible signals from other symbols. In case there are no such signals, the remaining margin is used within a reasonable scale. The check is performed, of course. Exits are performed by stops/takes, changing trading days in case of a positive balance and reverse signal having a volume within 5 lots. The new position is opened after the market exit.

But I've already told too much about the Expert Advisor. Let's change the subject! On the other hand, everyone knows everything already, there are no secrets any more. So, we may continue. I have plenty of ideas and I also have possibilities for their implementation.

Alexandr Artapov (artall) - Participant of the Automated Trading Championship 2012

Author: Automated-Trading

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