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Automated Trading Championship 2012: Interview with Alexandr Artapov (artall)

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It was during the second week of the Championship when the Expert Advisor of Alexandr Artapov (artall) found itself on the third position trading EURUSD and EURJPY. Then it briefly left TOP-10 to appear again after one month of struggle for survival. As it turned out, this trading robot is still having something up its sleeve. It just needs some time to wait for the new levels on the trading account.
Alexandr Artapov (artall) - Participant of the Automated Trading Championship 2012

Hello, Alexandr! How did you start your trading activity?

I became interested in trading in 2000 when I occasionally bought the Valyutny Spekulyant ("Currency Trader") magazine. Besides, I always wondered, who those yelling and running people in the "pit" were? Apart from articles, reviews and interviews, that magazine also contained some publications on programming of a candle chart using MetaStock language. That has turned to be useful to some extent.

I started manual trading in autumn of 2000. I've managed to experience all nuances of ups and downs - both of the market and of my mood. Since I've always been interested in programming as the branch of Math, I tried to convert my emotions, as well as ideas and strategies to the programming language along with manual trading. Looking for the possibility of the automated trading, I have found MetaTrader (it was the third version). However, I started developing complex Expert Advisors only when MQL4 was released. One of my Expert Advisors participated in ATC 2006.

The full text of the news can be found at the Championship's website - Interview with Alexandr Artapov (artall).

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