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Reiner Rusch
Reiner Rusch  

I just learned mql4 (3 days) and was surprised!
Very cool system.

I never did anything like this with a program/script.

So, I just have to try, was my thought.
I don't have enough data to say anything exactly.

But it looks good (in the strategy tester! ;-) )!

Perhaps, I need some advice!
What would your answer be, if the question was like:
Here is my model (=script) - it's a black box!
But what should the measurable parameters be?
For example: 0.1% grow is too low (you have trouble on the long term) - 90% grow also is horror, cause this shows that your modell is based on "good look" and you don't even know a bit about what you're doing...

Like to swap ideas?


*) "grow" was the wrong term, I know. Should be "grow per week" (or perhaps more the "profit factor" or something like that)
The intention was to know how would you say just with 3-5 parameters and no other information, this will work (good), that may work and can't work?

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