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Automated Trading Championship 2012: Interview with Dmitry Terentew (SAFF)

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MetaQuotes Software Corp.
MetaQuotes Software Corp. 2012.11.08 16:34 
Is it really necessary to be a programmer to develop trading robots? Do we need to spend years monitoring price charts to be able to "feel" the market? Is it possible for a random entry strategy to survive in the market for quite a long time? All these issues have been discussed in our interview with Dmitry Terentew (SAFF), whose trading robot has been occupying the first page of the Championship from the very beginning.
Dmitry Terentew (SAFF) - Automated Trading Championship 2012 ParticipantYour robot's trading style is quite unusual. It is always in the market opening a long position right after closing a previous one. Why does it behave in such a way?

I don't want to reveal all my secrets. The Expert Advisor has been generated by MQL5 Wizard in 5 minutes and refined manually to fit the Championship Rules. In fact, the initial idea has been generated by MQL5 Wizard. Besides, optimization of parameters has yielded some results. Wizard is a very useful thing.

The popular quotation "Every cook can run the state" can be applied to the Championship. Every user who knows MQL5 at least to some degree can develop an operational trading robot.

Code Base contains a few dozens of modules for generating Expert Advisors using MQL5 Wizard. Have you seen them?

Yes, I've implemented some changes to MoneyFixedRisk.mqh library and inserted necessary trading parameters into the robot's code.

So, it seems that you have not had any difficulties with the modules for the automatic generation of robots in MQL5 Wizard?

I have not seen anything too complicated. All is quite simple. I've spent a few hours plus some more time for passing the automatic tests. It is not difficult to read a ready-made code if you have at least some knowledge of programming. However, I am a network engineer rather than a programmer.

The full text of the news can be found at the Championship's website - Interview with Dmitry Terentew (SAFF).

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