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MetaQuotes Software Corp. 2012.11.02 14:52 

New article Interview with Tim Fass (ATC 2011) is published:

A student from Germany Tim Fass (Tim) is participating in the Automated Trading Championship for the first time. Nevertheless, his Expert Advisor The_Wild_13 already got featured at the very top of the Championship rating and seems to be holding his position in the top ten. Tim told us about his Expert Advisor, his faith in the success of simple strategies and his wildest dreams.

Your strategy attracted attention for its slow but stable increase in the balance. Was it intentionally optimized so? Does its prototype that you use in real trading show the same smooth increase?

Yes it generally shows the same smooth increase. I wanted a program that is not acting too chaotic, because it is much easier to tell if it is effective or needs a new optimization. That is why I prefer a program with small but reliable profit. It is achieved by the large stop loss while placing the order.

The resulting problems are massive but rare loss trades; the key is to keep them as rare as possible. Also in optimization I preferred more stable sets of variables with the profit factor of at least 3.

With my three loss trades in one week, I was quite unlucky too, hopefully it will get better soon.

Your Expert Advisor places pending orders around the current price. What principle does it use to place such orders?

It is using a breakout system based on the ZigZag. Of course there is a little more behind it, but I do not want to say too much, because if it is running good I might be able to sell the system, who knows.

Certainly yes, the EA is not trying any fortune telling, it is simply trying to indicate and use existing trends to make sure profit.

ATC 2011 Participant Tim Fass

Author: Automated-Trading

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