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Automated Trading Championship 2012: Interview with Anton Nel (ROMAN5)

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Today we talk to Anton Nel (ROMAN5) from South Africa, a professional developer of automated trading systems. Obviously, his Expert Advisor just could not go unnoticed. Breaking into the top ten from the very start of the Championship, it has been holding the first place for more than a week. Moreover, it is still firmly settled down at the second place and does not seem to surrender.
Anton Nel (ROMAN5) - Automated Trading Championship 2012 Participant

Anton, please tell us a little about yourself. This is your first championship, but apparently you have a rich experience in trading.

Yes, this is indeed my first Championship. I have worked as a software developer for the past 20 years in the engineering, medical, educational and financial sectors. In my personal capacity I have been trading online for the past 10 years. My love for finance and software development makes the perfect combination for the development of automated trading systems. In my spare time, I enjoy sports. My favorite sport at the moment is Squash, and I play 3-4 times a week.

Judging by deals, your EA is always in the market. It also does averaging if price is going in wrong direction. Does it enter the market by oversold/overbought CCI? Why do you use Heiken Ashi?

I have experimented with different Expert Advisors, but chose to enter current one for the competition, because it stays in the market, so there are no "dead" moments. Something is always happening. If the price goes in the wrong direction, I work on averaging or Stop Loss depending on the situation.

I use oversold/overbought CCI to enter the market and Heiken Ashi to exit. Heiken Ashi performed better than CCI on the back test, so that's why I opted to go with that indicator to exit the market.

The full text of the news can be found at the Championship's website - Interview with Anton Nel (ROMAN5).

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