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Orders in mediation

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here's what I want you to do my


1 - once opened my order , my and analyze it and see at what price it is open 2 - if it is open to a price level which is fine for me and the order closes in positive then go ahead and open another order WHEN IT ' CLOSED IN PROFITS THE PREVIOUS 3 - then if you also closes this second order in a positive open my third and final order, and if it reaches a price I decided change take profit




         if (OrderOpenPrice() < Open[X]) && (OrderClosePrice()> OrderOpenPrice()) &&  !OrdersTotalByMagic(Magic1) ) 
         { OrderSend(Symbol(),OP_BUY,Lotti_1,Ask,0,StopLoss2,TakeProfit2,"ordine2",Magic2,0,Blue);  }

         if (OrderClosePrice()> OrderOpenPrice() &&  !OrdersTotalByMagic(Magic2))
         {OrderSend(Symbol(),OP_BUY,Lotti_1,Ask,0,StopLoss3,TakeProfit3,"ordine3",Magic3,0,Blue); }
          if (OrderOpenPrice(Magic3) > Open[X])



but it gives me problems . ordermodify does not work , and other problems





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