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MT4 charts not updating

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contrails 2016.05.09 05:43 
Hey guys,

I've been having issues with my MT4 and MT5 on my desktop which is Windows 7, ( btw I can not upgrade it to Windows 10 because Lenovo doesn't support upgrading my discontinued model D30 Workstation to windows 10).

Anyways, here is what's happening with MT4; the prices are updating fine, but the chart starting from time frame M30 and up are not updating, when I dial down to M1 and M5 the chart is up to date. I shut down my firewall and that did not help! I have not changed anything on my desktop and this issue has been going on and off for
the past couple of weeks.

Having said all that, the MT4 from my same broker on my laptop which runs Windows 8 is working great.

Anyone else facing same issues? 

Any ideas would be appreciated!

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