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Mr. Business Cat
Mr. Business Cat 2016.05.04 20:41 

I started test my new trading system a couple months ago and I've started wondering my few losing trades. 

I performed my EA testings (IC MARKETS) with different broker than what I currently use. So I ran last 3 moths with my EAs using another(current) trading broker and I also ran test with IC Markets and notice that my current broker result isn't compatible my live results. However IC market results seems correct. I also noticed that  my current broker modelled ticks are half of IC markets tick. I also tested with both brokers two last days (2.5 - 3.5) and results are IC MARKETS get 192190 ticks and my "current" broker get only 93036 tick. So that is half of it. I'm not familiar these issues so my question is what that lower amount ticks tells about my current broker? Does this tell my current broker has bad servers or poor liquidity providers? 

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