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Discussion of article "Interview with Valery Mazurenko (ATC 2010)"

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New article Interview with Valery Mazurenko (ATC 2010) is published:

By the end of the first trading week, Valery Mazurenrk (notused) with his multicurrency Expert Advisor ch2010 appeared on the top position. Having treated trading as a hobby, Valery is now trying to monetize this hobby and write a stable-operating Expert Advisor for real trading. In this interview he shares his opinion about the role of mathematics in trading and explains why object-oriented approach suits best to writing multicurrency EAs.


Valery,  how did you come to trading forex?

I've been working as a programmer in a dealing center for about two years. I had known nothing about financial markets before that. In the DC I was one of the two programmers to develop two versions of a client trading platform. By the way, I am still using one of them. I opened my first real account to use my robot – this was at times of MQL2. For six years I have written a lot of different Expert Advisors. Looking at all of them, I've come to a conclusion: no need to complicate an EA, the simpler the idea is the more stable the result is!

I haven't thought of financial markets as of a job until recently – trading was only a hobby for me. However, for about half a year I've been seriously trying to monetize this hobby and create a stable-operating Expert Advisor to then trade real.

How important is mathematics for successful trading?

Serious mathematics is absolutely necessary for building money management and risk management strategies. But to create a relatively lossless system, you don't have to be a mathematician. This requires two qualities: a sensible view and clear mind. For instance, on many forums you meet hot discussions like "Locks (Martingale, averaging, grid EAs, scalping) - good or bad?" For me the answers are obvious. But many traders seeing a beautiful picture in a tester or on demo fall into a trance.

To develop a profitable strategy, you need many months of trial and testing. But if you have such a target, you can do that. And ignorance of math is not a problem.

Besides I'd like to mention a harmful assumption about money management - for example, that drawdown should not exceed 30% of a deposit. Well, you can use Stop Out for Stop Loss. And instead of freezing 70% of your account, deposit it in any bank and have your interest. Any way money management needs to be calculated separately for each individual strategy. Unfortunately, not anyone can do that. That's what the bad results occur from.

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