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Discussion of article "Interview with Nikolay Kositsin: multicurrency EA are less risky (ATC 2010)"

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New article Interview with Nikolay Kositsin: multicurrency EA are less risky (ATC 2010) is published:

Nikolay Kositsin has told us about his developments. He believes multicurrency Expert Advisors are a promising direction; and he is an experienced developer of such robots. At the championships, Nikolay participates only with multicurrency EAs. His Expert Advisor was the only multicurrency EA among the prize winners of all the ATC contests.

In 2006 you were the Third Winner with your multicurrency Expert Advisor. Was this just luck, or did your EA behave exactly as you had conceived it?

At that time, the foreign exchange market was fairly easy to predict, and therefore it was quite easy to select the desired strategy even in the multicurrency implementation. The problem was only how accurately the Expert Advisor would fit into the market - whether it would give hundred, fifty, or only thirty percent. As a result, the EA came exactly in the middle of what was required of it.

Why do you develop multicurrency robots, and don't do just as most of the participants who write single-currency EAs?

The multicurrency Expert Advisor maximally expresses the essence of an automated trading system. With a conservative approach, a multicurrency EA shows much more interesting trade results. Perhaps, the only serious drawback of a multicurrency strategy is that it requires a more laborious and pedantic preset.

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