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Automated Trading Championship 2012: First Week - Who Wants to Do Some Trading?

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MetaQuotes Software Corp.
MetaQuotes Software Corp.  

The first week of the Automated Trading Championship 2012 is over. It was full of high points and interesting comments. The most impatient and "overpowered" trading robots rushed to the market looking for all possible conditions for making deals. This is not surprising considering that Expert Advisors that "fire from the hip" usually show the best results during the preliminary tests.

However, none of these "quick-firing robots" managed to find themselves in the Championship's TOP-10 of the first week.

Automated Trading Championship 2012: First Week

Some participants have already left the Championship due to technical reasons:

  • yokinfx - a critical error in the Expert Advisor caused by a code error.
  • song_song - the Expert Advisor contains limitation on the trading account number making it unable to trade. This issue was reported by the trading robot's developer.
  • Krock - the Expert Advisor refused to operate on the specified account and turned itself off leaving the following message:
    CExpert::Init: wrong symbol or timeframe (must be AUDUSD:PERIOD_M1)

In fact, such errors have always been quite common at the starts of the Championships despite our warnings and recommendations. However, we wish correct operation of stability control system (wise money-management) and reliable breaks (Stop Loss should not mean Stop Out) for those participants whose trading robots are still alive and well.

The first week of the competition coincided with the release of the Non-farm Payrolls report, and this was a good test for many participants. We will continue to monitor the Championship and will try to communicate the most interesting stuff.

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