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MQL5 Cloud Server not found

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RafaelCastro 2016.04.19 15:40 

Hello everybody!

I am facing a problem. I had an account in a brokerage where I was used to use de cloud to optimize my expert advisor. Last weekend I opened another account in a new brokerage and I had to install another MQL5 dedicated to this brokerage. Therefore, to use the cloud to optimize an expert advisor in this new brokerage, I made a logon in the same MQL5.communit that I always used in my first brokerage and where I have money to pay for the cloud services.

The problem is that when I made that the agents in the second brokerage did not show up, and worse, the agents disappeared from my first account and the following alert was given:


Note: The first brokerage is a real account in Brazil, the second is a demo account in England (I don’t know if it matters).

How can I fix this problem?

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