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Expert array news for backtest

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I have this problem that gives me trouble for quite some days , I think it's pretty much a fact of the code structure, because in this case the shift of the news candle never increases . Because if the news comes out at 17:00 , at 17:01 the news candle will no longer 0 but will of course 1 ( M1 ) , whereas I always remains zero and I can not give him the proper functioning .  I already have an expert that open only one order on a news. But to make the backtest i need an array that open more orders on a list of news.

Ps.Sorry for my english but i'am italian.

I attach complete expert

//initialization function 
datetime News[2];
int Magic= 123;
int CandleNews;

//tick function
                                  // Array declaration
News[0] = D'2016.01.01 17:00:00';
News[1] = D'2016.01.02 17:30:00';

for(int i = 0; i <ArraySize(News); i++){


  if(CandleNews>5)     //after 5 candles from the candle news opener order
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