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Problem with the EA-2

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Attached EA I had ordered from MQL5 with money but its full of bugs and I tried to contact the developer, the person sometimes responds sometimes doesnt.

Can anyone please make this EA bug free so that I can use it to test my strategy?

BUG: Attached screenshots will explain you. The EA opens positions by using Entry indicator arrows. When the arrow appears, EA opens a position in that direction and if I have selected the Grid size and Limit pending orders as per the options accordingly.

BUT when the reverse arrow appears, it closes all the previous orders fine, opens new order in that direction and goes crazy. It opens closes instantly then opens again and closes again and completely stops operating. Screenshots will explain this.

It must carry on until either I stop the EA or manually interfere.

The above problem happens sometimes on major pairs but all the time on exotic pairs.

Additionally if somebody can add an alarm option when the arrow appeared or the EA opened new position with enable/disable function, I will be greatly obliged.

Thank you

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