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Server Side Programming.

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Aelon 2016.03.25 00:44 

Is it possible to write programs or scripts like expert advisors to be run at the server or meta trader manager side ?

If so, could you give me some initial information on how to get started, which tools to use and where to read the documentation intended for this purpose?

Recently, a broker friend of mine supplied me a copy of "MetaTrader Manager" to check it for myself and he wants me to write a program for him in which the program's main job will be to monitor the moments when clients open or close a position etc...

He also said that they are using some programs that extracts information out from "Meta Trader Manager".. So he thinks that this kind of things should be possible, therefore he also wonders if it is possible to write and execute programs (just like we write expert advisors for meta trader clients) this time from the server side.

If possible could you also give some information about this extracting information from meta trader manager (or server perhaps?) thing ? how it is done ? etc..

(Normally if I want to extract a specific information or send a specific information to an expert advisor I use Windows API functions by importing necessary DLL's in the expert advisor code and somehow creating a custom messaging protocol for communication. Therefore I know C++ and have programmed expert advisors in the past)

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