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Can't get even the example expert advisors to open trades on WTI CFD.

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Jimmy Buffet
Jimmy Buffet 2016.03.06 06:29 

Trying to get my expert to work on WTI CFD but I keep the generic execution error of "error opening position" no matter what I do. trade.ResultRetCode() and trade.ResultDeal() all return the same error "error opening position". There is no error code


So I tried the example expert advisors that come with Metatrader and they don't even try to open a position(there's error codes in the journal). Just to make sure it wasn't the settings, I tried doing a genetic optimizer with the example advisors and none of them would open trades on any settings on WTI CFD.


But they all work fine when I test them on forex pairs. So there is something about the WTI CFD that won't let me open a trade.  

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