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Icham Aidibe
Icham Aidibe  


I'd like to know more about SetAsyncMode.

First :

void  SetAsyncMode(
   bool  mode      // asynchronous mode flag

True activated for all transaction using the class, false deactivated ?

Second :

Which interest to not wait for the server answer, will it speed up the way the EA deals ? I explain myself. The EA choose to open a position, confirmed, synced or not, it will take x ms to appear on the server but the platform won't show it before the server confirm it. Other example, the EA choose to trail a position confirmed or not the 1st stop level will take x ms to appear on the server, not directly on the platform. If the stop is meant to be moved before the 1st stop is confirmed by the server & appears back on the platform, the 2nd trail will be send, there it can make a slight difference. Is that it ? 

Does it change only the way the platform handle what has been send to the server ? I'm not sure it saves memory, since the OnTradeTransaction is called many time to managed such orders. So anyone to explain me the deep & real interest of such a mode ?


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