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Automated Trading Championship 2012: Fill Your Private Data Correctly

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MetaQuotes Software Corp.
MetaQuotes Software Corp.  

Today we want to talk about how the Championship participants are filling out their data. This seemingly easy step for some reason often causes difficulties. While checking the participants profiles, we have gained some statistics of typical errors and inaccuracies, which do not allow to complete the registration. Some exceptions to the rules for representatives of some countries will also be of interest.

In the How to Participate in the Automated Trading Championship 2012 publication we tried to describe in details the process of filling out personal data. Still, something keeps many contenders from being able to reliably fill out the simple form: most likely, it is natural caution, mistrust or bad habits of online anonymity.

All the private information about participants is encrypted and available only to the Automated Trading Championship Jury members, Sponsors and Organizers. MetaQuotes Software Corp. guarantees the safety of confidential information and will not share it to any third party.

None of the other contestants will ever see your personal information.

If there is something especial in specifying mail addresses and private information in your country, please write about it in the comments to this news. Perhaps because of a simple formality we don't give a chance to talented programmers of trading strategies.

Hurry, the time is running short before the registration end. Please specify all the required personal data and send your trading robot for validation!

The full text of the news can be found at the Championship website - Fill Your Private Data Correctly.

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