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Resource sell - Not working

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Do you know that MQL5 has classes?
Yuri Sá
Yuri Sá 2016.01.21 16:18 

Hi guys.


I have some 100 machines (the most varied setups you can think) under my control which I run BOINC for quite some time, so distributed computing isn't a news to me at all.

When I started to work with  MT5 I saw I could sell my resources on the cloud, so I started, from the 30+ machines (some 100+ cpus) I put to work on the cloud just some 8 cpus get to work on the passes and it's getting me some 0.02 USD MAX per day.

 Really, is this whats the cloud about?  2 cents a day?

Maybe the offer on the cloud is too big for the demand? Is that it? 

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