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March edition is online!

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Bogdan Caramalac
Bogdan Caramalac 's march edition is online! This edition looks into the backyward of institutional trading, featuring a top notch platform, Progress Apama and their approach on strategy development and high frequency trading. Then we look on where is MetaTrader5 now and plead for a Level II MetaTrader. We propose the schematics of a complex event processing engine. Other articles study the UNICODE/ANSI issue about dll import, a short article on MySQL connecting and the final article from 'Working with files' series. | All things MetaTrader
Portfolio expert advisors, as well as the more complex multiasset expert advisors, were awaited by the retail trading community ever since limitations of the MT4 backtester became obvious, that is, about 4 – 5 years ago. The difference between multiasset and portfolio EAs is that multiasset EAs have... Read more »
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