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Optimisation results: Return all as "0".. why/how? (Pictures of set up attached, PLEASE LOOK)

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Myles Crouch-Anderson
Myles Crouch-Anderson  


Please see below the pictures of my backtest/optmisation.. i have ticked all necessary boxes etc, when i "start" the optimisation/bactest it calculates the number of iterations as usual then completes them within the "expected time frame".

However, all the results come back as 0 or useless. Why is this?

Have i done the settings wrong? this is my first time doing a optimisation.

The EA, with the exact same settings, runs perfectly on the normal backtest, so its NOT a problem with the backtest/EA. The back test alone with the same settings produces results etc

its just the optimisation that isnt working.

Id be so grateful for any advice,


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