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Trading System that can make pips up to 50-100 pip a day "Smart Guy" The New modification of stupid Guy Stratigy by adding new filters

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AHMED NOUR ELDEEN 2015.09.26 15:44 

Hello dear traders

most of you know the stupid Guy System

Today I will give you new Hint about How to improve your result with this system

Pair = EUR/USD only

Time Frame : 15 Minute Only
Zoom out to 50 or 75 percent to see the magic.

And the secret is... MACD!

Set it to 35 45 30.

The Rule is, ENTRY WHEN CROSSING. ITS so simple!! Check the picture below!

Patient is the key, and you may sometimes checkout the Histogram Divergence to spot next cross. Don't forget to set trailing stop (SL+), Avoid News, Cut Loss when MACD cross again (almost never happen)


1- Put the stochastic 45 2 25 on your chart. Open when Stoch line starting form OB / OS. I know you can see how the system is.

Buy below 25 Sell above 75

2- Instead of filtering it with Stochastic  a volatility indicator called "Damiani Signal/Noise"


Chart EURUSD, M15, 2015.09.26 13:15 UTC, RoboTrade Ltd, MetaTrader 4, Real

3- Use ATR Ratio Trade if it is above 1

4-Buy If ROC_EUR >0 and Sell If ROC_EUR <0

5-combination between Rang of Change ROC_EUR and ROC_USD in the same indicator window

Buy If ROC_EUR above ROC_USD

sell If ROC_EUR below ROC_USD

combination of all filters give you better result but will lower the number of total trades

you can use the macd signal with any filter and double the lot size if loss in one trade then reset the lot size after profit

use TP 30

SL 50

TS 12

Trailing Gap 7

New Take PRofit 30

don`t use more than a lot you can tolerate loss 10 times

waiting your comment

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