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MT4 at Windows Server 2012 Server and customized

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Joachim Reichelmann
Joachim Reichelmann  
Hello together,

i am sitting at problem and i have a hard nut to crack....

Our association Trader4charity e.V. is now a German official registered charity organisation. Trading to support a childrens nest in Rep. Moldova

We have 50 Members and we have an IT Structure with own servers.

Each member can access to server over web and gets an Desktop with our TFCC Apps like eLearning plattform, Community, Helpdesk, Investmentclub solution, Binary Options Manual Tradingsytem, Binary Option Autotradingsystem and now we want also to have 2 Mt4 Installations for the members... one for manual trading and one for automated trading. 

Now would be our wish to customize the MT4 with our brand but also with customized Indicators and Eas.

FerruFX has programmed many solutions for us and we would like to have that each member has this work at his MT4 installation.

As far i think, it should be a customized mt4.exe

Because our servers work like that, when a new member joins 1. time the server... the desktop and all apss will be created on the fly..

Does anybody know how we can solve that problem?

Would be very thankful

Thank you all

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