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Commision only CFD brokers? Names please!

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Myles Crouch-Anderson
Myles Crouch-Anderson 2015.08.12 20:43 


I was wondering if commission only CFD (stocks/shares not fx) brokers exist? e.g. paying £7+ per trade but entering the market at the market price NOT at the spread price. If so could you please state their names in a comment - id greatly appreciate it!

Reason being is that I use a scapling system that is 95% profitable for 3-5 points but my broker currently charges 8-10 point in spread so I have to trade off and set my TPs higher and thus the strategy is only around 55% profitable because of this.


If such brokers dont exist I dont understand why this is the case? For example, A 0.01 position will usually cost me 60p in spread, so they would make much more money out of me charging £5 per trade commision if they were to do commision only.



Please advise id appreciate it if anyone has any ideas!



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