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Brokers who offer a MASSIVE range of individual stocks on the MT4/5 Platform

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Myles Crouch-Anderson
Myles Crouch-Anderson 2015.08.12 15:10 

Hi Guys,


I am struggling to find brokers who offer a large range of individual stocks (apple, google etc).


Does anyone know of any brokers how offer a wide range of stocks on many different exchanges e.g. London, NY etc?

I currently trade with Avatrade as they offer around 100-150 stocks which is the most ive been able to find.


Id like to find a company who prehaps specialises in them with 300+ stocks to trade??


Any advice would be appreciated.


PS the brokers must offer the stocks on MT4/5 as i have my EA's written for MT4/5.


Thanks in advance!!



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