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Sasa Pucko
Sasa Pucko 2015.05.31 15:19 


I can do all by myself, but as u already know, partner is your another "leg" & multiplier,

so, its simple, i am seeking for partner in Chaos (LOL :-)))),

If you feel confident and you have something to share with me feel free to PM me

- Neebies NO!

- Stats,Math Neebies NO!

- C++ Neebies NO!

- no proof (  no trade record  &|  no source C++code MT5) provided NO!

- no Skype audio NO!

- if you pass few simple rules you know what to do....

I am willing to share all with you (MT5) - my future Partner

(all other infos are 100% sharable and available upon request )

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