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OrderSend method Detail

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I am trying to Understand working of OrderSend method .

Following is my understanding . Can any expert in mql4 and verify and correct em if i am wrong.

·         Priced Specified in OrderSend() method of mt4 EA  will be Useful in case of Limit Order(OP_SELLLIMIT/OP_BUYLIMIT). in market order stopploss and takeProdit order it will not be useful.

·         If Stoppless or TakeProfit value  is specified then with the entry order one more order of opposite direction will be placed in market  and that order will be StopLoss or takeprofit Order. In total two order will be placed one for entry and one for exit in case Stoppless/ TakeProfit is specified .

·         if both stoppless and takeprofit are not specified(both value is 0) then only single order for entry will be placed in market according to command(Buy/Sell/Limit Sell/Limit Buy) passed.

 Any help would be really appreciated!!!
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