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EA Creator - create advanced forex robots without programming

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Forex Trader
Forex Trader  
EA Creator is a web site where you can create expert advisors online.

You can use your own indicators very simply: just upload mq4 file and you will be able to use it as any standard indicator. Here are several 1-page pdf examples:
Example with ADXcrosses.mq4
Example with Var Mov Avg3.mq4

Most of the indicators lag, so often it is useful to use price action for signals. With EA Creator you can also describe chart patterns or breakouts for signals.

You can easily add Dynamic Stop Loss and Dynamic Take Profit to your EA, which helps to adapt trading to changing market conditions. Here are several examples:
Dynamic SL and TP example with custom (support and resistance) and standard (ATR) indicators
Dynamic SL and TP example: stop loss at previous candle level, take profit with fixed risk-reward ratio

Here are several video tutorials, which show how to create EA from start to finish:
Very simple breakout EA
EA with various standard indicators

Risk and money management is included in every EA automatically: you can choose maximum risk in percents for one position (so even with dynamic SL, which is different for every trade you can know your maximum risk), spread and slippage check and other valuable features. You can manage them by changing EA inputs, which all are described in documentation - you can find specific description in this expanding menu easily.

Many traders use different EAs at different times, as one EAs work better on one market conditions and others work better on other. All profitable EAs have some drawdowns. With EA Creator you can stop EA automatically when market conditions changes, and later restart it when it changes back to those where EA is profitable. This can help to fully automate half automated systems (which you cannot leave to run all the time as it sometimes starts to fail).

Probably every trader has been in situation when EA testing equity curve goes down. Have you wondered how it would look like if you created everything opposite? Now you can check it simply by changing several EA inputs. More infor about this feature you can find here:
Strategy reversal

With price action, indicators, dynamic SL and TP levels, various trailing stops, good risk and money management you can create powerful EAs.

There are much more features than described here, which you can find in this tool. If you have any questions or need any help do not hesitate to contact us or ask here.

You can create and download one-month backtesting EAs for free and without any registrations on EA Creator DEMO. Also you can subscribe for free trial and download EAs for trading.
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