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Automated Trading Championship 2011: Interview with Li Fang (lf8749)

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MetaQuotes Software Corp. 2011.12.16 19:02 

On the seventh week of the Championship, Li Fang's Expert Advisor (lf8749) set a new record - it earned over $100,000 in 10 trades. This successful series helped the Expert Advisor to stay at the very top of the Automated Trading Championship 2011 rating for two weeks. In this interview we tried to find out the secret of Li Fang's success.

ATC 2011 Participant Interview with Li Fang (lf8749)

You have participated in ATC 2010, but this time the result much more impressive. Tell us please about your Expert Advisor.

I used the Fibonacci rule to determine the trading signals, the take profit and stop loss, the parameters optimized on historical data from January to August 2011. The reason of bad results of last year's championship because there was a programming error.

The full text is available on the Championship website - Interview with Li Fang (lf8749).

The Sponsors of the Automated Trading Championship 2011 are MIG Bank, Go Markets and Vantage FX. The Media Sponsor of the Championship is Forex-TSD.

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