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Display driver stopped working

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rvc 2011.10.25 12:58 

I have this very strange problem which I think is related to MT5-terminal. I have Metatrader installed both at home and in work and both of these computers give me this "Display driver stopped working"-error way too often. The reason why is suspect it has something to do with MT is that I first had this problem at home and it started at work only after I had installed MT there. The work computer has been is use for 1 year without any problems and no drivers have been updated recently. Also, MT5 is the only program that runs on both machines, I even use diffferent browsers on them. Both machines are Windows 7 64bit, but they have completely different processors, motherboards and GPUs. I have tried solving this problem at home by updating all the drivers but to no avail. This problem is really annoying because sometimes it makes the computer completely unusable and sometimes the display driver doesn't recover at all and I have to cold boot the machine. Has anyone else seen this problem or know how MT works? Does it use DX or OpenGL? Any ideas to solve this?

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