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Automated Trading Championship 2011: Interview with Andrei Moraru (enivid)

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Ukrainian programmer Andrei Moraru (enivid) is an active participant of the Automated Trading Championship beginning from 2007. Andrei had already come in our view at that time and now we have decided to find out if there occured any changes in his attitude towards trading and selection of trading strategies for the past four years, and also to know about his new Expert Advisor.

Andrei Moraru (enivid)

Why have you decided to share your Expert Advisor? Are you waiting for some comments and recommendations from your colleagues? Or may be you have some other reasons?

The strategy is quite good and worth sharing, I think. I usually share my MQL4/5 works that I consider worthy. It helps to improve them considerably. And I think that I must give something back, in case I use somebody else's work.

Do you think your Expert Advisor can be used in a real account?

That is my first Championship Expert Advisor that was tested on a demo account for a long time before the competition. It showed quite good results for eight months with a "mild" money management. I'm going to launch it on a real account beginning from the next year after some improvements concerning money management are implemented. But I don't recommend anybody to do the same, as the risk of losses exists.

The full text is available on the Championship website - Interview with Andrei Moraru (enivid).

The Sponsors of the Automated Trading Championship 2011 are MIG Bank, Go Markets and Vantage FX. The Media Sponsor of the Championship is Forex-TSD.

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