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Automated Trading Championship 2011: Interview with Roman Zamozhniy (Rich)

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This is the first interview in the "ATC Champions League" project. Roman Zamozhniy (Rich) from Ukraine was the winner of the first Automated Trading Championship in 2006. In addition, he is a regular participant of our Championships - he has not missed a single contest. In this interview, we talked about Roman's first place and tried to figure out what is necessary for successful participation.

Roman Zamozhniy (Rich)

Do you participate with a new Expert Advisor this year or use any parts from previous competitions?

The logic of this EA is completely different from all my previous contesting programs. Now I am preparing an article about my EA, in which I will publish the source code. I hope that for the next ATC I will create something radically different from all the preceding EAs.

You participated in all of our Championships. Is it easier to prepare for the contest with such experience? Can you tell us about how you prepare for the ATC?

Now I'm thinking about the EA algorithm for the 2012 contest, while the idea of an Expert Advisor for the current competition appeared in October 2010. The most difficult stage of preparation is finding an idea and developing an algorithm. After that coding takes only a week or two. Then I have a one-month break and mentally check the shortcomings of the algorithm, kind of a stress test. If I don't like something, or change my mind, or have any ideas how to improve, then again I have a week of programming. And so I work until September.

The full text is available on the Championship website - ATC Champions League: Interview with Roman Zamozhniy (Rich).

The Sponsors of the Automated Trading Championship 2011 are MIG Bank, Go Markets and Vantage FX. The Media Sponsor of the Championship is Forex-TSD.

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