Automated trading you get more than you can imagine


Let's make a simple comparison let's say we invest 10000USD in forex market trading

1. When we trade manually

  • - Let's say we earn an average profit of 1000USD (10%)/Month => 12000USD/Year
  • - We spend 4 hours/day => will spend 1460 hours/year (60.8 days/year)
  • - We lose focus in our main work, relationships, time spent with our wives, children, lovers... I wonder: Can the $12,000 in profit buy back the 1460 hours spent, I assure you it's impossible no matter how we justify it. The things that have passed are our regrets, maybe the bad things will torment us for the rest of the time.

2. When we choose automatic trading

  • - Suppose we also earn an average profit of 1000USD (10%)/Month => 12000USD/Year
  • - We spend 5 minutes/day => will spend 30.4 hours/year (1.26 days/Year). Compare with the above case (We save: 59.54 days / year)
  • - We still make 12000USD and have 59.54 more free days, amazing isn't it. Free time can help us have more opportunities in life, more relationships, more love for our loved ones and its value will be multiplied many times (Trust me it is). truth)
So what do you think? Powerful countries they know how to use technology, good business people know how to apply technology, the most successful people in the world in the past, present, and future