Technical Indicator Call VS Custom Indicator Call (iSAR VS PSAR of Metaquotes)


Hi guys,

here the question, we have this two different call in simple Expert Advisor

PSARh    = iSAR(NULL,0,PSARstep,PSARmaximum);  // technical indicator call handle

PSARh    = iCustom(NULL,0,"Examples\\ParabolicSAR",PSARstep,PSARmaximum); // custom indicator call handle

although they start and complete long periods observed with the same values (EURUSD H1 chart for example) there are many blocks of bars that give different PSAR results (see attached images with iSAR and ParabolicSAR both with default params step=0.02 and maximum=0.2), because iSAR returns different values from same indicator called in a custom way ParabolicSAR official metaquotes, why?

what happens in the iSAR function call? ther is a bug?

unfortunately this problem occur with other different indicators,

does anyone please know the reason, the problem or the solution?

Thank you