your ads are getting cropped


Your animated ads that are not cached already stop in the first frames .

This is not a capture of the animation as it was playing but it shows the chrome browser being stuck as it tries to display the ad for the first time .

It remained like this .

The "1st time it tried to play it" might be an assumption because it caught my eye because it was weird looking.

You may want to wait for cache first if possible and load the ad later on since another page loading is certain in the forum.

Chrome  109.0.5414.120

(also , in case you read this , your hottest "real estate" would be around products and signals , with "targeting" ability . If you open that up to advertisers it would be a goldmine)

edit : later on in a load it loaded properly 


edit2 : it reoccured ,and its a css issue again 

i added to the image element inside the <aside> it shrinks them but maintains the aspect ratio