Let's discuss video "Roadmap to ChatGPT and AI mastery"


ChatGPT and AI mastery - how to get started in AI.

How do you capitalize on this trend and learn AI? Dr Mike Pound of Computerphile fame tells us how to ride this wave. If you are into cybersecurity or any other tech field, you probably want to learn about AI and ML. They can really help your resume and help you increase the $$$ you earn.

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00:00 - Coming up

00:40 - Sponsored segment

02:28 - A.I. Hype // Should we be worried?

03:37 - Amazing but flawed

08:07 - Is it worth it getting into CompSci?

10:02 - Knowing A.I. makes you valuable // Learn A.I.

13:43 - Resources for learning A.I.

15:58 - Should you get into CompSci?

17:35 - Enhancing your career with A.I.

20:16 - The limits of A.I.

24:57 - A.I in academics // How A.I. affects academic work

31:02 - Conclusion