Trategy Tester Does not proceed to a new step at Complex Citerion Max



I was expecting an answer once I searched the forum but could not find a similar case, hope someone can help me with below query

I have been testing a EA I took from Code Database and modified a little bit. I have been using Complex Criterion Max with Fast Genetic Algorithm. However, every time I tried (from the begining) it never goes beyond ~755 iteration. CPU  still continues at max. (100%), reaching up to 755 takes like 30 mins max. but does not proceed any single iteration more no matter how much time passes. This does not happen in Balance max. option but only in Complex Criterion max. There are plenty of varaibles that I would like to test having following steps. 9 variables: 4x250 steps x 4x100 steps x 1x2 steps. Period that I have been testing is quite long also (01.2019 up to 09.2022) as you might see in the SS I have given below. I'm not sure what is causing this issue.

Could you please help if there is a way that I can solve this?

Best Regads,