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looking for helper to write together the expert for Forex Championship 2011

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Hi to everybody.
Forex Championship 2011 is very close.
I’m looking for helper to write together the expert winner of Forex Championship 2011.
We need:
The Idea (I provide):
1. It really doesn’t matter what strategy you use. If we propose that some winning strategy exists (maybe) and it brings +5% a month (… and any bank is to buy it for billion $, and some European governments for tenths of billions…), than during 3 months of championship it will totally bring some +16%. 2011 champion expert finished with some 78000 $ equity (+680%). That means our not existing expert worth billion $ has no chance to win championship.
2. All robot advisers (experts) according to basics of this “science” consist of strategy and money management. In p.1. was shown, that even the best strategy has no meaning for Championship. That means that important is only money management.
3. The only undoubted strategy is to use the theory of probability. All other strategies are trying to find any insignificant mismatches in the theory of probability. So we need to build our MM based on the theory of probability. Monte Carlo theory says (according to championship rules) – you have in active 10 000 of virtual money, and in passive infinity (or regulated amount) of virtual money in case of possible win. So Monte Carlo says to us that earning +70 000 (to rich equity of 80 000 and accordingly win in the 2010 championship) is related to losing -10 000 (deposit to rich equity of 0) as 10 000/ (10 000+70 000), that means 1/8. Not bad chance to make 40 000 of real money out of virtual 10 000.
B. What I expect from you:
Simple robot, with very limited number of parameters, working on volatile pare (will allow expert to pump up), which will allow to customize the expert in order not get negative result on tester during the testing period (beginning of 2011).
C. What I propose.
To add to your expert (send you) MM to your strategy. This MM will allow you by yourself customize which Equity you plan to rich. You can calculate it probability using formula Eq= 10 000/ Eq
For details write to
What do you get? During Championship 2010 you needed to earn virtual 80 000, that means probability 1/8 to win. The assemble average of winning real 40 000 with 1/8 probability is 5 000. I think not bad.
So see example below. Test it on the period of 2010 Championship (it started 04-10-2011), GBPUSD, 1M.
1. Based on 2 MA.
2. You can customize equity (between some 40 000 and 80 000; 40 000 – less is below 15 lots, and 80 000 – more than 80 000 this particular expert will not earn).
Best regards,
Automated Trading Championship 2010
Automated Trading Championship 2010
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