Running test from script in 2022 with MT5


I've been working on a bash script to run with MSYS on windows, that should be able to launch a test and get me the report in html report. But all I've managed to do was launch the terminal without anything configured.

using a config file similar to:

 ; start strategy tester
  TestExpert=<full path to .ex5 file>

<full path to .set file>

  TestReport=<full path to non existing file without extension>

If I go to a PowerShell window and run:

.\terminal64.exe "<fullpath to config file>"



.\terminal64.exe /config: " <fullpath to config file>"


.\terminal64.exe /portable /config: " <fullpath to config file>"

And other variations, all that happens is that MetaTrader5 opens, no test is executed, the configuration on the tester is unchanged and so on.


1-Anyone managed to do something similar? All answers in this forum seem really outdated and the documentation is quite confusing.

2-Is there some specifc encoding required for the .ini file? Does it need to to be ASCII or does UTF-8 suffices?

3-Does the /portable flag even work? Is it necessary?

4-Am I doing something absurdly wrong? Doesn't MT5 give some hint somehow of what I could be doing wrong?

5-The journal says cloud servers are off, but I am trying to test locally anyway.