Questions about working with Python Scripts (Newbie) and VPS

Cesar Augusto Padilla Aguilera  

Hi everyone, 

I'm new around here, and just started using the pre-built Expert Advisors (Generate Templates) in MQL5. I don't know much about C++ or MQL5, so I was looking at a pretty steep learning curve, but decided to start somewhere. However, I noticed that there is support for MetaTrader5 using Python Scripts, and I am much more comfortable in Python than in C++ (though by no means an advanced or even proficient programmer).

I have a couple of questions regarding the use of Python Scripts to create an Expert Advisors.

So, in my mind, this series of steps should be possible, somehow:

  1. Create a Python Script that takes tick data, processes it, manipulates it, and sends a buy, sell, cancel, etc. set of instructions to MetaTrader.
  2. Run this Python Script every minute, hour, day, or whatever the bar interval is.


For point number 1, I don't see much of a problem. Let's just say my EA just prints ("Hello World").

But my question is, how do I make sure that this script is executed every hour, day, minute, etc.? Does this second part include an MQL expert which calls upon the python script? Or is there a way to program the python script to run by default on every bar?

I imagine that in the first option, I'd have to program a small set of instructions on the "OnTick" part of the MQL5 program, to make the Python Script execute, right?

And finally, this should not represent any problem if I'm running a VPS...right? Or will the fact that my Python compiler is in my desktop create any issues when my computer is off and I'm expecting the script to run on the virtual hosting as well?

Thanks in advance for any help regarding these newbie topics :S