Scale bug in 3D optimisation graph

Philippe Pauleau  


I've noticed a bug in the scale parameters marks on the side of graph where the parameter increment is shown from right to the left.

Here is an example, when the parameter increment start from the left, 30 correspond to the first line, 65 to the second line, 100 correspond to the 3rd line ...

Now on the same graph, making a 180° rotation to view the same 3D graph from the other side, the marks are not corresponding to the lines and are shifted.

From analysing the results, I can conclude that the marks below are wrong, the 30 mark, the 65 mark, the 100 mark is not located where the real values are. ( ie the marks on the graph above are right )

From this screenshot, we can see something is wrong as the distance between 5 and 30 is very short compared to the distance between 30 and 65.

Anybody else noticed this scale bug ?