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Copy Trade Rating System

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Pankaj D Costa
Pankaj D Costa  

Hi All,

Here lot of traders using copy trade, some traders providing their signal / copy trade and some traders are enjoying that. But, personally I am not much satisfied about the rating system, because here did not mentioned all the details for copy trade rating and I think calculating growth, D/D on current balance, which is not much enough to understand for a new trader. I saw in the other forum, they have very strong rating system and anyone can choose the best trader from there. Anyway, already I had send a suggestion to Service Desk regarding rating system and got the reply. I am posting here that reply.

What about your opinion? Is it enough for the rating system in this community?


From Service Desk:

See official channel on youtube - There you can find videos on Signals. They explain many aspects of our service. 

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