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I have a question on the authors of some codes

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I am a PhD students and am collecting new generation of technical indicator codes now. However, I have difficulty in finding who are the authors (first inventor) for some following indicators.

  • Quadruple EMA (QEMA)
  • Pentuple EMA(PEMA)
  • Stochastic KDJ
  1. My only finding so far is BrunoPio who firstly introduced the code on PEMA and QEMA in MQL5 but I am not sure he is the author of the incicator or developer of the code.  
  2. I found many websites introduce stochastic KDJ was introduced the Dr.Geroge Lane in 1950s but the one is the "stochastic" indicator or "stochastic KD lines" but not KDJ.
 Regarding question on #1,2 above, can someone tell me who is the author and where is the reference (book, journal or links)

Many thanks and cheers,



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