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HistorySelect() and DST (::scratching head::)

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Bogdan Caramalac
Bogdan Caramalac 2010.01.24 11:55 
I observed that orders in MT5, are stamped like in MT4, with the server time. Now, what happens to HistorySelect() when DST occurs?  Supposedly 1 am becomes 0 am. If after the DST change I will use HistorySelect for a time within 0 am (from 0:00 to 0:59) it will give me orders executed when it was first time 0 am, second time 0 am, or both times ? I think server time should never be in DST-sensitive time format.
Documentation on MQL5: Trade Functions / HistorySelect
Trade Functions / HistorySelect - Documentation on MQL5
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