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Service Desk - No Response

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On 2011.06.06, the following was submitted to the Service Desk. As of today, 2011.06.09, no acknowledgement of request receipt or response to stated problem. Why?

MT-5 Tester Backtest History Data Access Problem
ErrorsMetaTrader 5 MQLOpenStart: 2011.06.06 16:40#125732

Client Terminal Build and Version (32 or 64 bit)

... 32 bit and 64 bit

Problem description

... Multi-Currency EA (4 symbols) and having problem with Backtest history data access. Appears to freeze up attempting to download each symbol history data.

Do not see this problem in Optimization testing. 

Sequence of action

... Tester begins downloading symbol data and then appears to freeze up during download. Example when freeze occurs: LR 0 Core 1 08:07:32 USDJPY: history synchronization started

I cancel and restart tester, then it appears to download that symbol OK, but freezes again on next symbol history synchronization started. I cancel and restart for each symbol download freeze and then tester will run tester cycle OK. 

Tester log attached. 

Obtained result


Expected result


Additional details

...Window XP - Home Edition. 2 mb RAM - (MT-5 build 458) - 32 bit

Also, same problem on Windows Server 2008 - 2 mb RAM (MT-5 build 458) - 64 bit


20110605.log (644.86 KB)
wackena 2011.06.06 16:50
Previous attached log (32 bit) has manual cancels. This attached log (64 bit) has no manual cancels.
20110606.log (26.59 KB)
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