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Storing Setting Of Ea In File...

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Anyone have examples of running an Ea and it get Setting From an INI File?

Different Times of the Day The Chart Bar Would Change Colors so Right Before a Major News Event The Outline Of my Bars will Turn red at night the outline is green

run scripts at certain times of the day , save setting when to alert me, when to mail, if i am at work i will send a text with a subject line (Blah, my Python Script will auto update the text file

my ea will see it and make changes ) is just want to be able to save and retrieve data from a txt file or what ever and my EA will auto it..

Example (Email Sent to Blah@blah) Python Opens it Retrieves Data.. Opens Instance Of MT5 Gets Handle and Automates everything (DONE THAT)

Python Also Writes to a text File: (Hey Turn Those Candles Green, and Outline Them In Red A Big News Release Is Coming out, He will Be Home In 30 Minutes)

 Turn On The Messaging System send A message box at 5 minutes till) The Ea Refreshes at the tick everything is changed:: All Done From A Text File ..

I just need to read an article, see and example... someone help me in the right direction..

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