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Looking for London/UK Based FX trader - For Discussion

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Hi Guys,

To put it simple, I really like the idea MQL5 and automated trading, the concept removing the emotional relationship between trade and the market. I have started working with MQL5 bot recently, but it has come clear what I clearly lack is the day to day practicality of trading. (I have watched the videos, read the blog, but I cannot tell what is real and what is crap)
What I would like is to work with someone (preferable in London/UK but open to any discussion) who has the practical skills, experience and success in the market. Who is keen in developing a trading bot in MQL5. 

So, why me ;)

My background is in AI of sorts (marketing simulations and text mining) and I have few ideas I have been trying out with mql5 so far which I will share
So, my thinking about a bot so far (some I have implemented)

1-    Trading Hours: So far, from my observations trading hours have a massive impact of signals of the market, what I have experimented is to “swap” trading strategies during busy and slow trading periods within the model. Using slow moving market trends rather than faster moving trend.
2-    Economic News Events: I downloaded all the major financial events off a few web sites into a CSV, currently I am loading these up to attempt to create a “response” trading trend. I am sure there is a technical name for this type of trending (I think trading off momentum) so
3-    Text Mining: I use a name entity (to extract country and people and some other information) from live breaking news. In the idea that this can be used as an indicator (yet to test these theories)
4-    Risk Calculator: I observed through a lot of different bots, a lot of successful bots major success was through the changing of stop loss and profit positions.

I just lack the in-depth experience of technical trading or news trading. If anyone thinks we could have complementary skills and would be interested in having a chat, please get in touch.


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