ST: Why are results different on "Run Single Test" from Optimizer row?


Hi! Please see my issue below:

1. Ran a test using the optimizer.

2. Selected "Run Single Test" from the optimizer results.

... However the results are quite different than what the optimizer row shows.

Why would that be? What's the point of using the optimizer if it's not working to find favourable settings - if those settings turn out to be wrong?

I am not changing any of the testing parameters, simply selecting "Run Single Test" and letting it run the test!

Please find some screen shots attached of my workflow. It appears that the Inputs tab is populated with the matching parameters based on the row selected.

PS - I believe I was using "Complex Criterion Max" as my original optimization choice, if that is useful to know. I wonder - is it possible there is a bug with this feature?

Thanks for your support, Community. 😊

Processing optimization results using the graphical interface
Processing optimization results using the graphical interface
This is a continuation of the idea of processing and analysis of optimization results. This time, our purpose is to select the 100 best optimization results and display them in a GUI table. The user will be able to select a row in the optimization results table and receive a multi-symbol balance and drawdown graph on separate charts.